Doing Graffiti is scary. It is a whole new scale with a whole new background so it’s always good to know some bases of Graffiti.

I am also new to Graffiti but thankfully when I started I was lucky enough to meet talented, experienced graffiti artists who gave me great tips that I now want to pass on to you, future graffiti artist.

-Starting with tip number 1, the most important of all: Always, ALWAYS keep the can facing upright, towards the wall. If you want to paint down, crouch with the can, if you want to make a line going up and down, you go up and down with the can. MOVE WITH THE CAN!



-Tip number 2: If you are going for a full piece, always keep your sketch as reference. Free hand comes with experience. Remember you are painting walls after all.

-Number 3: Banana Caps (2cm width) are heaven!



You can use this cap to line and to fill. It’s all you need.

-Tip number 4: The amount of paint coming out of the can is related to the pressure you apply on the cap. So be soft when you press down until you get used to it.

-Tip number 5: Last tip.If you are painting inside, don’t skip the mask and let the paint air for at least 3 days. Don’t mess with your health. Additionally, don’t keep your paint in your room!

Hope this helps!

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