I am Frozia Khalife, an illustrator/concept artist/character animator and so many other things (but I’m still too young to figure it all out ).

All my childhood has been lulled by stories of princesses, knights and monsters but also by talking mouses and evil spaceships.

This passion was carried on while studying art. It still was when I decided to quit my quiet little town in the south of France to move as a Fashion Design student to Lebanon.

As a former Fashion design art student, I momentarily focused my attention on Fashion illustration. My silhouettes became elongated and animation met fashion. Since then, my style keeps on evolving: Da Vinci meets Mickey,Mickey meets Dior, Dior meets Pollock, Pollock meets Luke (stops him from flinching into the dark side) and so on… as a result my illustrations come out as a joyful moving representation of our time.

I am now studying a Master in Character Animation in London to turn my weird creations into animations!